Macro Excel Work Order Template, ideal for maintenance planning and scheduling engineers.


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With this macro you can create and manage the maintenance work orders made to your equipment, having the record of the activities, the used parts and the technicians who intervened. In addition, you can have a history of the work with the respective costing by work order and reports to have valuable information for decision making.

Some of the advantages that this Excel template has are:

  • Preparation and effective management of preventive, corrective and predictive work orders of the teams you have in charge.
  • Creation and management of teams with code and location.
  • Allows easy costing per work order.
  • Creation and management of spare parts needed to execute work orders.
  • Creation and management of maintenance technicians for work order registration.
  • Statistics with valuable information to make decisions based on the reality of the work.
  • You can print maintenance work orders in an intuitive format.
  • Decision-making supported by history of interventions and control variables.
  • Easy access to information on equipment, technicians, spare parts, work orders, work histories and statistics with a simple click.
  • No need to invest a lot of money in expensive software to manage your assets.
  • You do not need additional software to Excel (works in Microsoft Excel 2013, 2016 and 2019 Windows operating system).
  • Downloadable.

If you want more details about how it works you can watch the following video.

With this wonderful macro for work order template excel, you don’t need to invest a lot of money to have a maintenance management tool. With only $75.99, you can manage any type of asset.

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