Our Plans


15 USD


Ideal for small companies, but with the necessary functionalities for the management of their assets


30 USD


Digitize your maintenance process and make data-driven decisions.


60 USD


Easily manage all your assets. Ideal for medium-sized companies.

VALB CMMS, is the maintenance software in the cloud (cloud cmms), which will allow you to manage your assets in a secure way and with a fast implementation. Ideal for all types of industry, without the need for complex installations and configurations.

¡Managing your assets is much easier with VALB CMMS! Follow these 3 simple steps

1. Upload your assets<br />
2. Create your maintenance plans
3. Create your WO'S and make decisions

In our CMMS, you will be able to create and manage your company’s assets, creating maintenance plans that are synchronized through control variables or by dates.

You will be able to manage the maintenance work orders made to your equipment, having the record of the activities performed, the spare parts used and the technicians who intervened. In addition to having indicators and costing histories by work order and failure reports that will be valuable information when making decisions.

Some of the Advantages That You Will Find In Our Cloud Planned Maintenance System

  • Fully online software (cloud cmms software).
  • Elaboration and effective management of preventive, corrective and predictive work orders for your company’s assets.
  • Visual control of preventive maintenance plan activities.
  • Decision making supported by the history of interventions and control variables.
  • Easy access to equipment information, preventive maintenance plans and executions with a simple click.
  • Access to the platform from mobile devices, tablets or computers with internet connection, without the need for additional software installation.
  • Budget materials for the execution of maintenance plans and/or work orders.
  • Restriction of use of the platform through personalized permissions per user.
  • No permanence clause, we keep your data for 10 days after you do not pay the subscription.
  • Indicators on costs, failures, resources and compliance with the maintenance plan.
  • We provide support for you to professionally implement your maintenance plans and have the peace of mind of an optimal management.

If you want more details about how it works you can watch the following video

Compare Our Plans And Their Features

Spare parts5008001300
Maintenance plans51020
Work requests/monthX100300
Statistics and RecordsX
Failure analysisX
Import information from ExcelX
Export information to ExcelX
Upload imagesX